About Jacquelyn

About Jacquelyn

Jacquelyn began her journey of yoga by taking a Hatha Yoga class at her local community college in 1998.  She noticed the flexibility of her body beginning to increase throughout the course. Most of all she enjoyed the sense of peace yoga brought to her life. Jacquelyn sampled a variety of classes throughout the United States, including; Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Bikram, Hatha, Acro and Power yoga.

Jacquelyn  began the journey of teacher training in 2008 due to encouragement by one of her yoga instructors. In the beginning, she wanted to take the training to expand on her own practice. She obtained a level one certification through YogaFit® . YogaFit® requires you to teach eight, one hour sessions to members of the community who would otherwise not be exposed to yoga. Volunteering in the community is something Jacquelyn loves to do.  Since she was able to obtain her certification easily, she began instructing students several times a week.  Jacquelyn wanted to increase her knowledge of yoga instruction not only for herself, but especially for her students.  Therefore, she obtained her certification as a level two instructor and began providing yoga class to all levels of students.

Jacquelyn draws from a variety of yoga styles and classes, with the most noteworthy being Hatha Yoga. In her spare time she spends time with the most adorable pooch Sophie, plays in a volleyball league, explores waterfall hikes, and volunteers in the local community.

Jacquelyn is certified in Adult, Child and Infant CPR.



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