2/5/18 Week Four: Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra)- Anahata is positioned in the upper torso including the upper back, chest, thymus gland, throat, circulatory system and heart.  The element associated with the Heart Chakra is  the air and the color connected to Anahata is green. Anahata deals with trust, unconditional love, stability, wisdom, compassion and patience. Signs of blockages in the Heart Chakra include shyness, hunching or protecting the chest, standing on the heels, low oxygen levels and asthmatic type breathing. Pranayama (breath) is key to our heart chakra.  Signs of excessivenees in Anahata include jealousy, neediness, stress and high blood pressure.  When your heart Chakra is balanced you have a sense of completeness, wholeness, optimism and friendliness.

Poses to reduce blockages in Anahata include Chest Openers, Upward Facing Dog, Pyramid and Fish pose.

Poses to reduce excessiveness in Anahata include Forward Folds, Standing Straddle Splits, Child’s pose.