2/19/18 Week Six: Ajna Chakra (Third Eye)

Ajna Chakra (Third Eye)- Ajna is positioned on the brow in between the eyebrows and slightly above. The third eye is often called the command center and controls how we create and perceive life, art and our environment.  When someone says they have a “gut feeling” about something, we often refer to that as intuition, which is actually coming from the Ajna chakra. The element related with the Thrid Eye Chakra is Light and color connected to Ajna is deep blue.  Signs of excessiveness in our third eye we notice headaches, nightmares, difficulty focusing. Signs of blockages in our third eye include lack of imagination, lack of memory, denial and eye issues.

Poses to assist with blockages include daily meditation with visualization practice and identifying our perception verses our intuition

Poses to assist with excessiveness include daily meditation with focus and intent on pranayama (breath work)