2/12/18 Week Five: Throat Chakra (Vishuda)

Vishuda Chakra (Throat Chakra)- is found at the center of the throat and regulates our ability to communicate. This communication comes in many forms including verbalĀ  (speaking and listening) and non-verbal (facial expressions and physical movements). Vishuda Chakra is coupled with the ether, our clear expression, and with the color blue. Signs of excessiveness in our fifth chakra include interrupting others, stuttering, over active thyroid, gossiping, constant need to talk about yourself and pointing out others are wrong. Signs of blockages in our fifth chakra include shyness, indecisiveness, lack of confidence, teeth grinding, stiff shoulders, sore throats, under active thyroid.

Poses to assist with blockages are bridge, shoulderstand, plow, and camel.

Poses to assist with excessiveness upward facing two footed staff pose, king pigeon