1/29/18 Week Three: Naval Chakra (Manipura)

Manipura Chakra (Naval Chakra)- Manipura is positioned in the solar plexus/naval/digestive area. The element related with the Naval Chakra is Fire and color connected to Manipura is Yellow. This energy vortex houses our gumption, our self-esteem, our risk taking and energy to go do things. Manipura is closely associated with our own happiness, willingness to give to others and risk aversion. Signs of blockages in our third Chakra can be digestive issues, eating disorders, sense of being a victim or helpless. Excessiveness in our third Chakra include anger, excess power, hatred and perfectionism.  Stoking the internal fire (Tapas) is as important as knowing when to allow the fire to cool.

Poses to assist reducing blockages (increasing the fire) include Dancer, Boat, Locust, all Warrior poses and vinyasas including Sun Salutations.

Poses to assist in reduces excessiveness (cooling the fire) include Bridge, Cow, Spinx and Corpse pose.