12/4/17 Weekly topic: The Seventh Limb of Yoga- Dhyana

Dhyana- the practice of meditation.

Do you ever wish you can control someones mind? Great news, you can! Through meditation you can control your own mind. Perhaps not exactly what you were going for, however, still a great tool to have. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress, anxiety, tension and rejuvenate the body, increasing overall health. The best part about meditation is it can be practiced by anyone, anywhere and a good majority of it is free.

The practice of Dhyana has been practiced for centuries, perhaps even millenniums.  Even celebrities like Jack Johnson, Moby, Oprah, Russell Brand, Ellen DeGeneres, Eva Mendes, Paul McCartney and George Lucas meditate.

Here are a few free sites to find guided meditations

Here are a few places in town you can visit for guided meditations

Take a moment. Take a breath. Give meditation an try.